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Joy in the Journey

Foot Tracks on Sand


Song Story

At the end of 2019, a dear member of our church family, Nancy Johnson, shared about her journey through a terminal illness. Her message during that testimony was that God was showing her how to take joy in her journey - how walking through cancer could open the door to meet new people, minister to and connect with loved ones, and teach a whole new way to trust God. Watching Nancy walk this difficult path as a church member, while going through the challenges of Covid and other trials as a church family, inspired our worship team to write a song about how God’s presence brings us joy, hope and peace no matter what we face. This song is meant to be a beacon of hope to those inside and outside our church: God’s presence can give us joy in our journey.

God's presence brings joy

The Bible teaches that God created man, and man is never fully satisfied without choosing to fulfil God's purpose for our lives - relationship with Him and His people. Wherever believers truly know, love and worship God, authentic joy exists. 

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God's presence allows us to take joy throughout our journey

Because of God's promise to always be with His people and to work all things together for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8), we can have hope and take joy throughout life's journey. This doesn't mean that bad things don't happen, it means that God will be with us and, in the end, we have hope that He is working things out for good. Difficult situations may bring us sorrow, but our inner joy is unshakable because we know our Creator intimately, and He has redeemed us.


Joy in the Journey is the first song release from Dayspring Worship Collective. It was a labor of love from our incredible ministry team, and was supported by the help of creative friends to Dayspring. If you are interested in supporting projects like this or want to become involved, contact us at

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